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02 Haziran 2023


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Our Konya City Hospital Sleep Disorders Center provides service with a capacity of 4 beds. In our Sleep Disorders Center, all the data of our patients are recorded with modern equipment, accompanied by trained and experienced technicians, throughout the night. These data are then analyzed and reported by our specialist physicians, and then the appropriate treatment for the disease is planned.

In our sleep outpatient clinic, snoring, respiratory arrest during sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness and

Persons with fatigue complaints are evaluated, detailed examination and laboratory tests are performed.

Polysomnography test is performed by staying overnight in our center if deemed necessary.

The most commonly diagnosed disease in our Sleep Disorders Center is Sleep Apnea Syndrome. This

The disease leads to daytime sleepiness and life expectancy due to sleep cessation during the night.

cause a decrease in quality. If this disease is not treated, it paves the way for life-threatening events such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases in the following period.


Dr. Lecturer Mehmet MERMER

Our doctors:

Dr.Bengi AKIN

Dr.Yıldız ATLI

Responsible Technician:


Our technicians:



Mehmet Ali BALCI


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