About Us


Konya City Hospital with Public-Private Cooperation Model was established on 05.08.2020 and was put into service as a tertiary health care provider under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Konya City Hospital, which was established on an area of 616.000 m2, has a closed area of 421,187 m2. In our hospital with an actual bed capacity of 1250, consisting of six blocks and inter-block connection units; There are 330 polyclinic rooms in 74 different branches, 266 intensive care beds, 14 delivery units, 48 operating rooms, a 15-bed burn unit, a 19-bed prisoner service, 723 local-rooms, an indoor car park with a capacity of 1250 vehicles, and a heliport area.

Konya City Hospital in accordance with the mission and vision it has determined are continuing. Angiography Unit, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Interventional Radiology Unit, IVF Center, Perinatology Clinic, Gynecological Oncology Surgery, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Unit (GETAT), Kidney Stone Breaking Center ( extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ), Burn Center, Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Radiation Oncology, Gastroenterology Surgery, Hand Surgery, Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center, Hemodialysis Unit, Organ and Tissue Transplant Coordinator, Smoking Cessation Polyclinic, Diabetes Education Center Pregnant School. also includes.

Since its establishment, Konya City Hospital has been working to meet the increasing health needs of the society with the most advanced technology and medical facilities. It provides health services to approximately 6000-7000 polyclinic patients and 1400-1800 emergency room patients per day by using modern hospital facilities and qualified health manpower capacity. An average of 78,000 operations are performed annually. Konya City Hospital, of which 5% of the surgeries are A group, continues to serve with 692 physicians, 1320 nurses, 236 midwives and 598 assistant health personnel.

Konya City Hospital; In addition to its qualified workforce, large and modern physical capacity and advanced technological medical applications, it displays a patient safety, patient satisfaction, clinical efficiency and patient employee-oriented approach, and strives to provide services not only in its region but also within the scope of international health tourism. Konya City Hospital is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading healthcare institution.