Check-Up Program

What is check-up?
Check up is a health screening that aims to detect possible diseases at an early stage and take precautions.  This chain of procedures, which includes examinations by specialist physicians as well as laboratory tests and radiological imaging, is shaped according to the age, gender, genetic heritage and risk factors of the person. In other words, young people are evaluated within the scope of preventive medicine, while older people undergo comprehensive screenings to detect many different diseases at an early stage.
In addition, depending on the person's current health status, parameters such as obesity, diabetes, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular diseases can also be evaluated to detect potential ailments early and delay their emergence. A basic health check-up can be performed for people of all ages, whether or not they have any complaints. Thus, the person can protect his/her health, take precautions at an early stage or treat the existing disease at an early stage.

How to do check-up?
In our hospital, the first check-up examinations are performed by family physician specialists. Before the check-up examination, your values such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate are measured and recorded by the clinic nurse. Your physical examination will then be performed by your doctor. Your doctor will ask you for information about your previously diagnosed diseases, treatments you have received, operations you have undergone and medications you use, etc. and will ask you to have some laboratory and imaging tests after your examination.

Before You Come for Check-Up;

- Please do not eat anything in the last 12 hours

- Some medications and herbal treatments have an effect on blood sugar and metabolic values. Do not take anything other than the vital medicines you take regularly.

- If you drink alcohol, you should not drink alcohol at least 1 day before the examination.

- It would be good for our guests who will be subjected to the effort test to have suitable shoes and comfortable clothes with them.

How Long Do Check-Up Procedures Take?
Blood tests and imaging examinations that are deemed necessary during the check-up examination and as a result of the evaluation are planned. The results are expected after the blood tests are run in the laboratory and imaging tests, if any, are performed. Your test results are usually available on the same day and are evaluated by your physician. However, some specific tests, such as cancer screening tests, may take a few days, in which case your doctor will call you with the results.

Which tests are performed during check-up?
Below 4 different check-up packages are defined. If the tests defined in these packages are insufficient for you, your physician may request one or more of the tests in the optional package for you. In such a case, you will be charged separately for each test.