Thoracic Surgery
02 Haziran 2023

Thoracic surgery is the science that deals with the diseases, traumas and surgical treatments of the ribs, lungs, lung membranes, mediastinum and esophagus between the neck region (trachea) and the diaphragm and chest wall. In addition, congenital disorders of the thorax, shoemaker's chest (pectus excavatum) and pigeon's chest (pectus carinatum), stenosis of the airways or foreign body aspirations are treated by thoracic surgery.

    In our thoracic surgery clinic, we have been following technological developments especially in recent years and many thoracic surgery operations (Lung cancer, spontaneous pneumothorax, diaphragm eventration, hyperhidrosis (Excessive hand and armpit sweating, pleural fluid collection, etc.) With VATS (Video-assisted thoracic surgery), called VATS (Video-assisted thoracic surgery), it is successfully performed without the need for major surgical incisions. Thanks to VATS, our patients gain many advantages such as shortening the recovery period and early discharge. The increase in lung cancer seen in recent years is the first in cancer cases, As a result of early diagnosis and appropriate surgical treatment (with the addition of chemo and radiotherapy when necessary), the rate of recovery from the disease has increased.Lung cancer surgeries are mostly performed successfully with VATS in our clinic.Pectus surgeries (NUSS surgery technique) are also closed with VATS (Video-assisted thoracic surgery) is done. After the operation, the hospital stay and pain are less, and the chest wall is given a more aesthetic appearance thanks to the bar placed in the chest. In thoracic surgery, correct diagnosis is important for the treatment of diseases. In parallel with the development of technology, diagnosis and treatment methods have diversified and developed. For diagnosis, we perform the most appropriate treatment with the results of lung radiology (lung radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography, scintigraphic methods, PET-CT, bone scintigraphy, etc.), MR imaging, ultrasound, Fiberoptic and Rigid bronchoscopy, biopsy procedures.

    As the Thoracic Surgery Clinic, the multidisciplinary council meeting held every Wednesday is held with the participation of chest diseases, radiology, nuclear medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology and pathology clinics. Thus, we offer our patients the most appropriate pre- and post-operative treatment options.

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