Breast Unit
31 Mayıs 2023

While Konya City Hospital was put into service in August 2020, it started healthcare services with many centers of excellence. One of them was the Breast Unit. Nozzle Unit; Breast polyclinics consisted of a Multidisciplinary working area that included Breast Radiology (Digital Mammography, Breast Ultrasonography and Breast Biopsy unit), Breast Service and Breast Operating Room.

Konya City Hospital Breast Unit also provides health tourism services. With its academic and experienced staff, patients coming from Turkey and abroad; It offers advanced diagnosis and treatment in all kinds of Breast Health and Diseases.

Konya City Hospital Breast Unit team implements the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and breast diseases in a modern and perfect way with its highly experienced staff including all specialties related to breast cancer.

In the Breast Unit of Konya City Hospital, there are Professors, Associate Professors, Specialists and Assistant Doctors who perform Breast Surgery/Oncoplastic surgery.

Patients applying to Konya City Hospital Breast Unit are evaluated in the multidisciplinary breast council before the interventional procedure, surgery and/or medical treatment to be applied to the breast. Breast Council consists of General Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Genetics Specialists.

Breast Health and Diseases Polyclinic services are provided in 5 polyclinics in the polyclinic arena located on the 1st floor of General Hospital Building F Block. Polyclinics provide service during working hours every weekday. In addition, the Mammography Room, Ultrasonography Room and Minor Intervention Room are located in the same arena as the breast polyclinics. In these defined areas, in addition to Breast Surgery specialists and Radiology Specialists, 1 polyclinic nurse, 5 Mammography Technicians, 5 Radiology Technicians and 3 Medical Secretaries work.

There is a 21-bed Breast Surgery Service on the 5th floor of the General Hospital Building, Block B. There are a total of 21 beds in 9 single and 6 double rooms in the service. All rooms have a washbasin, bath-toilet and television for each patient, refrigerator and companion chair. 10 nurses work in the inpatient service.

In our operating room located on the 2nd floor of Konya City Hospital Central Building, our clinic has 1 operating room. Our operating rooms are equipped with modern equipment and medical devices, and there are 2 experienced operating nurses on duty. We work together with the Infection Control Committee to prevent infections in the operating room and areas where we intervene in our patients, and the highest level of security measures are taken.

Note: Konya City Hospital Breast Unit; Konya Provincial Health Directorate also serves as an advanced (tertiary level) diagnosis and treatment center for breast cancer. Those with suspicious findings of breast cancer after screening from family health centers and KETEMs are accepted in this center.

Early Diagnosis in Breast Cancer

About two million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. In Turkey, breast cancer is one of the female cancers that affects the lives of 20 thousand women every year. The disease, which was detected in every 12-14 women in the past, is now encountered in one out of eight women. Breast cancer, like many types of cancer, is a treatable disease when detected at an early stage. The purpose of the treatment of breast cancer; It is the diagnosis of cancer when it is a small mass in the breast before it spreads through blood and lymph. In patients at this stage, treatment is completely possible.

The Breast Surgeon makes the selection of the appropriate treatment together with the patient, taking into account the characteristics of the disease. Breast Surgery can basically be described as removal of the entire breast, namely mastectomy, and removal of a part, namely lumpectomy. In case of early detected breast cancer, it is not necessary to remove the entire breast. The breast can be protected and Breast Cancer can be treated more aesthetically by using Oncoplastic surgery treatment methods.

Is Every Mass Detected in Breast Cancer?

90% of palpable breast masses are not cancer. Non-cancerous masses called fibroadenomas (benign breast tumors) or cysts are very common at young ages. Fibrocystic changes in middle and advanced ages may present as a palpable mass. The masses can be painful or painless. The presence of a painful mass does not mean that it is cancer. However, it is absolutely necessary to clarify what a different structure or mass in the breast is. Just because it's painless doesn't mean it's not important. When a mass is noticed in the breast, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor.

Is It Possible to Prevent Breast Cancer?

·      To give birth

·      Breastfeeding your baby,

·      Avoiding birth control methods such as abortion

·      Maintaining your ideal weight

·      Avoiding female hormone drugs as much as possible,

·      Avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages,

·      Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamins A and C,

·      Eating more pulpy foods by avoiding animal fats,

·      Not consuming smoked, salty and canned foods,

·      It is possible to prevent breast cancer by exercising regularly.

What is done in the Breast Surgery Clinic?

In the breast surgery clinic, personalized treatment methods according to the stage of the disease in breast cancer are applied following the decision of the multidisciplinary council. In cases of breast cancer caught at an early stage, the tumor can be directly intervened with advanced techniques without loss of breast. By following oncological principles, breast conserving surgery treatment, oncoplastic breast surgery, subcutaneous mastectomy and implant (prosthesis) can be applied. Mastectomy is performed when necessary.

Breast Conserving Surgery

It is the removal of a single and small mass in the breast. Breast integrity is preserved by removing the small mass with a small incision. More cosmetic results can be achieved when oncoplastic techniques are used to reshape the breast.


It is the surgical removal of the entire breast, usually due to cancer. It means surgical removal of the entire breast in patients with advanced breast cancer or if preferred. Nipple-sparing mastectomy is a method that can be applied to women with an early stage tumor of the breast that does not show signs of cancer near the nipple. The breast tissue is drained, but the breast skin and tip are left; A prosthesis (silicone) is placed in the breast.

Modified Radical Mastectomy

It is a surgery that removes all of the breast tissue and axillary lymph nodes but leaves the chest muscles.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

In Breast Cancer Surgery, healthy tissues can be removed along with cancerous tissue. But this causes deformation in the breast. In order to restore the integrity of the breast, the breast is reconstructed with plastic surgery techniques. Thus, the breast integrity of the patients is preserved and positive cosmetic results are obtained.

Lymph Node Surgery

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy; It is applied to determine the spread of Breast Cancer to the axillary lymph nodes. Blue dye method is generally used in our clinic. During the surgery, one or more blue-stained lymph nodes are taken and examined under a microscope. This examination is important for staging the cancer, determining the treatment modality and its results. If cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes, there is a high chance that the cancer has spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. The presence of cancer cells in the armpit lymph nodes plays an important role in deciding what type of treatment to apply. By performing a rapid examination during the operation, it can be determined whether the lymph nodes are affected by cancer with the FROZEN method.

Wire Marking

It is performed on the same day as the whole breast surgery with wire. Local anesthesia is applied to users. It was sent to the suspect area accompanied by a computer needle with a thin wire inside. Then the needle is withdrawn; radio release. Part of the wire is inside the nozzle and the other part is outside the nozzle. The marking process is done in the radiology department and then the patient is taken to the operating room. Breast Surgery in Surgery The Specialist Physician identifies the area where the wire guides need to be removed and surgically exposes the suspicious tissue.

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated in Our Clinic

·      Breast Pain

·      Cystic Diseases of the Breast

·      Benign Masses of the Breast

·      Breast Infections During Lactation

·      Granulomatous Mastitis

·      Breast Cancer

·      Leading Lesions of Breast Cancer

·      Underarm Lymph Node Enlargement

Special Procedures Performed in Our Clinic

·      Stereotactic Biopsy (with MG)

·      Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

·      Breast Conserving Surgery

·      Modified Radical Mastectomy

·      Simple Mastectomy

·      Subcutaneous Mastectomy

·      Oncoplastic Surgery Repairs

·      Simultaneous Breast Prosthesis Repair

·      Concurrent Breast Flap Repairs

·      Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

·      Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

Technological Devices Used in Our Hospital

·      Mammography

·      Tomosynthesis

·      PET/CT

·      FISH Test

·      ultrasound

·      Frozen Review (pathology)

·      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

·      Genetic screening

Surgical Doctors of the Breast Unit

·      Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali ERYILMAZ

·      Assoc. Dr. Abdülhalim Serden AY

·      Specialist Dr. Nergis AKSOY SÖNMEZ

Clinical Contact Information

  Location Communication Extension Number
 Policlinic General Hospital / F Block / 1st Floor 0 (332) 310 50 00 21079 / 21080
 Service General Hospital / B Block / 5th Floor 0 (332) 310 50 00 25031
Operating roomCentral Hospital / 2nd Floor 0 (332) 310 50 00 
 Adress Akabe Mah. Adana Çevre Yolu Cad. No:135 42020 Karatay / KONYA