Mission Vision Values
22 Mayıs 2023

With the awareness of being one of the largest and most developed health institutions in Turkey; To provide the best health service on time, within the framework of sustainable, effective, efficient and equitable principles, by using all resources effectively with our expert staff, in a reliable, friendly and high quality standard, without compromising patient and employee satisfaction with patient and employee safety, scientific research, To provide opportunities for the continuous development of health by pioneering health technology and medical education.

To provide the highest level of health services possible without any discrimination in terms of race, religion, language, political belief, economic and social situation, patient-oriented clinical care, qualified health manpower, scientific studies, use of health technology and success in medical education and health in the world. To be a hospital that breaks ground in the field of tourism and will set an example in health


  • Acting with the awareness of social responsibility
  • To create a service approach focused on the satisfaction of patients and employees
  • Protecting the rights of patients and their relatives, informing and educating them at every stage of their treatment
  • To act in accordance with the developments in the field of medicine
  • Continuously educating and improving ourselves
  • To provide quality health services by making continuous improvements within the framework of legal regulations in line with the targets