Occupational health and Safety
02 Haziran 2023

Our hospital's Occupational Health and Safety Polyclinic aims to ensure in-hospital safety in order to minimize the risks of the working environment by the physicians. Thanks to the work done, it is aimed to prevent the loss of work force and workdays that may occur due to accidents and frequent injuries to a large extent, and to preserve the entire health service.

As the Occupational Health and Safety Polyclinic, our mission is to provide the supervision of the working environment in the hospital and to guide the employees. If there is any defect in the working environment, we aim to inform the Administrative Units on this issue and to create a sustainable Occupational Health and Safety culture by producing solutions against possible situations with our experience in the field.

Our main goals are to adopt the concept of safety culture, to ensure the boundaries and continuity of our hospital, and to provide guidance of healthcare professionals. Our entire infrastructure is ready and provides active service in keeping minutes for occupational accident notifications and reporting to the Social Security Institution (SGK).

Occupational Health and Safety Polyclinic provides service to the authorized person about work and businesses by obtaining external use protectors, examining and monitoring employment health conditions, investigating the stress factors around the workload and making the necessary explanations to protect from them, weighing the physical and psychological capacities of the employees. As the clinic of the employees, annual health checks are also carried out by our polyclinic. Occupational Health and Safety Basic Training and In-Service Training on Technical Subjects are given to our employees in the first place.

In addition to examining the health history of our healthcare professionals, our polyclinic provides employment, returning to work, maintaining the maintenance of health checks and preventive health interventions.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Polyclinic (Cardiovascular Surgery) provides service on the 1st floor of KVC - Chest Hospital Z Block.


Clinical Contact Information

  Location Communication Extension Number
 PoliclinicKVC – Chest Hospital / Z Block / 1st Floor 0 (332) 310 50 00 
 Adress Akabe Mah. Adana Çevre Yolu Cad. No:135 42020 Karatay / KONYA